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CrazyPvP x10000, Full server info


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The server has been opened on April 8th


Download game files

CrazyPvP Custom Interlude x10000


  • New updated version of the custom MoonLand server
  • New slots in the inventory: for a Shirt, Belt, Bracelet, Agathion bracelet, Tattoo, Talismans
  • 3 levels of Weapons + 6 types of Dragon Weapons + Dragon Shields
  • 3 levels of Armors + costumes for changing appearence
  • 5 levels of Tattoos, Belts, Shirts, Talismans, 6 levels of Bracelets, 15 types of Agathions, new RB jewelries
  • 15 new locations (Crystal Island, Orbis Temple, Fafurion Cave, Astatine, etc)
  • 70+ new Raid Bosses and over a 150 new mobs
  • 7 new instance zones, each one is guarded by Bosses with a perfect drop
  • New Attributes system (increasing element of attack for weapons and protection from elements for the character)
  • New system of PvP Damage protection
  • New Life Stone skills
  • 60 new headgear and accessories
  • New books for safe skills enchant
  • 2 new types of Enchant Scrolls: if failed, the enchant level remains the same / if failed, the enchant level reduced by 1
  • Fully functioning Community Board ALT+B
  • A lot of Raid Bosses are mapped (ALT+M)



  • The character starts at level 80 with S-grade equip
  • 99 buff slots
  • Buffs remain on death
  • There are flags near each of RBs, so you can know where RB will reborn and check respawn time
  • Active LS buffs do not replace each other and also not removed when weapons changed
  • Max enchant level is 75. The chance is dynamic
  • Base stats (WIT, INT, STR, etc.) boost limit with Dyes increased to 15
  • Unlimited arrows and soulshots
  • You can take 5 sub-classes, no quest required
  • Free ACP bot available, configurable by command .acpset
  • Archers also receive damage reflection and no longer have a huge advantage in battles
  • Flames of Invincibility removes on attack or cast. Thus, the skill can only be used to change the position of the clan
  • You can check the droplist of any mob or RB by Shift+Click

Clan and skills


  • The clan has 8 level on creating
  • Players limit in a clan – 27
  • Clans limit in an alliance - 1 (ally for icon only)
  • Clan skills are applied to all clan members, regardless of rank
  • You can get full clan skills if you have 5+ online in the clan (talk to NPC Events Manager)
  • Clans Activity weekly event. Kill the most amount of Raid Bosses and be rewarded with CoLs



  • To become a Baron, you just need to kill RB Barakiel. Respawn 4 hours
  • Olympiad battles daily from 6 pm to 12 am (UTC+1). Start from 3 regs
  • At the Olympiad all custom items are automatically removed
  • Enchant level of all items resets to +6
  • Class battles only on weekends
  • Issuing Hero status every Monday
Life Stone


  • Active LS buffs do not replace each other and also not removed when weapons changed
  • The chance to get a skill from Top LS - 20%
  • You can buy Life Stones in Treasure Room (location Treasure Vault, door opens on killing Ekimus)
  • Reworked irrelevant LS-skills
  • Item Skill: Acrobatics (active and passive) - Increases P. Skill Power
  • Item Skill: Iron Body (active and passive) - Increases M. Crit Power
  • Item Skill: Kiss of Eva (active and passive) - Increases M. Damage in PvP
  • Item Skill: HP Limit (passive) - Increases HP max level by 25%
  • Item Skill: Reborn (active) - Restores full HP


  • Only 2 castles are available for siege: Aden and Giran
  • Siege of Giran every Saturday at 8 pm (UTC+1)
  • Siege of Aden every Sunday at 8 pm (UTC+1)
  • You cannot change the clan leader during the siege
  • For conquering Aden, the clan gets 1000 Coin of Luck col.png.4cd7d79008455518182cbcf601b4c2c1.png, for Giran - 500 CoL col.png.4cd7d79008455518182cbcf601b4c2c1.png
  • The clan that owns the Giran castle gets a passive skill +7% HP
  • The clan that owns the Aden castle gets a passive skill +10% HP

Elements system


  • There are 6 elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Holy, Dark
  • You can boost an attack power of certain element
  • For phys. attacks, the element that is most strengthened on the character is used
  • For the mag. attacks only the element that fits to the element of the skill is used
  • For increasing an element power of weapons 3 lvl you need Element Stones  stones.png.f415bb8c2adf5505e66ecb2634a706ab.png
  • Dragon Weapons already have their own element: Antharas - earth, Valakas - fire, Lindvior - wind, Fafurion - water, Skelt - Dark, Aulakiria - Holy
  • For increasing an element power of Dragon-Weapons 3 lvl you need Element Crystals crystals.png.4589bb91e9ea433e72f145e7e1488c69.png
  • You can also boost your element protection at the NPC Liman
  • You can check your current elemental resists with the command .myinfo

Main currencies

  • weapon.png.33dfa783b3268fdbae5d82c26f11719a.png Weapon stone - needed for buying and upgrading Weapons
  • armor.png.8b74b66230bc6a3fa73c02176a75ac74.png Armor Stone -  allows you to buy and improve Armors
  • tattoo.png.4b3d601118606335e5f703d589014bd3.png Tattoo Stone - needed for purchasing and boosting Tattoos
  • shirt.png.d10f87df09e76ee6e93bc488198eb5ab.png Shirt Stone - allows to buy and upgrade Shirts
  • bracelet.png.d7531c9f1f81e006c80311904459fe9b.png Bracelet Stone - needed for buying Bracelets and improving it up to 6 lvl
  • belt.png.d9631e320865b79a78f33886193064d1.png Belt Stone - needed for buying Belts and boosting it
  • stones.png.f415bb8c2adf5505e66ecb2634a706ab.png Element Stone - comes from mobs, RBs and events. Allows you to increase the element power of Weapon 3 lvl. Also needed for increasing the protection of elements
  • crystals.png.4589bb91e9ea433e72f145e7e1488c69.png Element Crystal - comes from mobs and RBs. Allows you to increase the element power of Dragon-Weapon 3 lvl. Also needed for increasing the protection of elements (max level)
  • pvp.png.83f6f8e09e4ed84a570e2b6f9946f94c.png PvP Coin - you can get it in PvP, during events or with killing RBs in PvP zones. Needed for boosting Armor 3 lvl and Talismans
  • toenail.png.667d2af6316a191c76a827f800338347.png Toenail Dragon - the claw of the Dragon. Needed for purchasing and upgrading Dragon Weapons
  • selenite.png.aa8703b9800c4dce4611e7aa67bc6d79.png Selenite - can be got by recycling RB-jewelry. Needed for upgrading RB-jewelry to Mastery level
  • col.png.4cd7d79008455518182cbcf601b4c2c1.png Coin of Luck - donate currency of the server. Can be bought on our website and used for purchases in the Donate Shop




Download game files



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